Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Online Writing Exchange Reflection

Online Writing Exchange (OWX) Reflection

            The 2017 online writing exchange was amazing and extremely helpful! It helped me improve my word choice, voice and organization too! If I didn’t make sense about something, she would ask me what it meant, so that I could improve it and make it make sense. The most important feedback that helped me the most was when she told me to be specific and create a picture in the mind of the reader. She also helped me figure out how to split my writing into paragraphs which I used to have problems with. She made me feel comfortable with my writing be being super kind! When I met her, she was extremely nice and willing to help. Even online, she would praise my work all the time!! One really nice comment that she gave me was when she said that I used a lot of amazing figurative language and how I am always really great with that! It helps me boost my self-esteem in writing. They didn’t control my writing but guided me onto the path to become a better writer. She would say to add the 5 senses or change some words and to be more specific which would help me a lot!

            There are a few things that could be improved though. Maybe we could meet online and talk about our writing more! We could have met more than once to know each other more. Other than that there is nothing. I think that this exchange was really helpful!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Descriptive paragraph- My brother

Arya, an amazing brother!

         When I come from a tiring volleyball practice, all my stress vanishes the second I see my 
brother, with his dark, straight hair that shows off! His smile is as gigantic as the universe! His dark eyes twinkle with his tan face, along with his long, perfect nose. He is like a rainbow! He always wears t-shirts and black, comfy sweatpants. When he is sitting down, he would be tapping his foot and banging his pencil. He would do ANYTHING except staying dead still. He would usually be staring into the world of the T.V or on the Ps4. When I would return from home, he would ask me, “Will you play with me; do you have homework??” and I would say, “Later, bro!” He is always wanting to play active games, go on the trampoline, play baseball and much, much more! He is a hyper monkey! Overall, he is the most wonderful brother in the whole, wide world, and I am extremely grateful to have a fabulous brother!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Gone Forever

Gone Forever

            She gone. Gone forever. Only a couple of hours ago, I saw her in between life and death with my own eyes. I couldn’t do anything, NOTHING. I felt like useless! She can never, ever come back! My friend can never come back. I will never be able to see here again. I will never be able to see her smiling face again! Without her presence, I feel like a book without words, a world without life, and a remote without any batteries. Emptiness overwhelmed me, and swallowed me whole. She was gone, gone forever. Her jokes, her smile, and her laugh just disappeared like a snap. She’s gone and can never come back just like you can’t put back togheter a paper that has been crushed, torn, and ripped. She was one of my best friends in the whole, wide world! My hands curled up trying to not cry. Why did there have to be death!? WHY?! Why does God have to steal her away! Knowing that I can’t bring her back, I will have to live without her. I will remember her as my friend. She was EVERYTHING to me! Tears begin rolling down my eyes and my life was a dark cave that will never see light again. Never. It felt like someone was holding my throat stopping me from breathing. It felt like my lungs were being squished togheter and begging for air. Now I know how it feels without you. I feel like I am nothing. Life is lifeless without you. I used to get really mad at you, and my face would turn into a tomato, and I would start yelling at you. Now, I feel terrible. I should have not been like that. Now, I feel like I am a terrible, HORRIBLE person. I should of treating you better, but now I can’t do anything but look up and apologize. My whole body started feeling numb and I couldn’t feel anything! The more I tried to hold it in, the more the endless tears came out drenching my shirt. I could feel all my muscles tighten and my chin trembling as if it were -50 degrees Celsius! Everything around me started spinning and turned gray like a mist of cloud had covered me up. I screamed. Screamed as loud as I could- loud as a tiger’s roar! My life was crumpled in the hands of mine. She’s gone, GONE!

Friday, September 15, 2017

I am from poem

I am from

From thE
Black, comfy coucH
That dragged me towards iT
On a tiring, Monday morninG
                                               And a tiger puppet and a big pink balL
                                    I am from a blue sea-like bed and the monkey pilloW
                          Don’t forget the huge, round stairs that led to my awesome rooM
                                             And the pretty pink peonies dancinG
To the music of the beautiful winD
I am proudly from the Chaudhari’S
In a house filled with family’s lovE
As strong as a stone, and their heartS
 Are as bright as firefly’s pretty sparK!
I’m from walls that echoed the sounD
  Of laughter and when my family laughS
Their smiles are as huge as the worlD,
  I’m from a house where my family alwayS
Says god’s name before things auspiciouS
I’m from an amazing abode that makes me who I’m today!

Online Writing Exchange Reflection

Online Writing Exchange (OWX) Reflection             The 2017 online writing exchange was amazing and extremely helpful! It helped me i...